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Whitespace Partners is a management consultancy specializing in market strategy and targeting.      At Whitespace, we enable our clients to clearly define their markets, size their markets, segment their markets and prioritize a runway of higher value prospects to target to generate customer growth and deliver incremental financial results.  


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Whitespace was founded in 2005 and is located in Austin, Texas.  For almost 20 years, we have supported a variety of high-tech and information technology clients ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to high profile, local start-ups. Whitespace was founded by Doug Messer and Sanjay Sundaram who have worked together in a market intelligence, business intelligence and customer intelligence capacity for 25 years.

Sanjay Sundaram | Partner

Sanjay is responsible for working closely with client teams to develop, expand and optimize their market and customer intelligence infrastructures and tool suites.  Prior to starting Whitespace, Sanjay was responsible for the database infrastructure supporting the Marketing and Sales functions of Dell's Commercial and Public businesses in the Americas region.  Prior to Dell, Sanjay worked for MCI Telecommunications and Schlumberger.  He holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from the Birla Institue of Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Madras.

Doug Messer | Partner

Doug is responsible for working closely with client teams to develop, analyze and leverage their market and customer intelligence to drive strategic direction and executive decision-support for their Corporate Strategy, Planning, Marketing and Sales functions. Prior to founding Whitespace, Doug was responsible for leading Business Intelligence and Marketing functions across Dell's Commercial business and worked in the office of the CMO to expand and scale capabilities and practices globally.  Before joining Dell, Doug consulted for Bain in Chicago and Hong Kong. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from W&L University. 

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