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What We Do

Every business has whitespace.  It is the remaining, uncaptured opportunity in your market. To accelerate customer growth, market share gains and financial results, it is imperative to develop a bottom-up, customer-centric view of your market and your business.  Our intelligence platforms enable our clients to confidently identify and quantify the most attractive and valuable whitespace in their markets, map an informed market strategy and align targeting initiatives and resources to generate incremental financial results.

Client's End-User Customers

Client's Channel Partners

Competitors' Customers

Competitors' Channel Partners

Market Research


Market Universe 

Market Strategy

  • Market Definition

  • Market Sizing / Segmentation

  • Target Market

Growth Planning

  • Market Share Planning

  • Growth / Margin Planning

  • Investment / Resource Planning

Marketing Optimization

  • Market Segment Prioritization

  • Partner / Customer / Prospect Targeting

  • Program / Resource Alignment

Sales Optimization

  • Market Segment Prioritization

  • Partner / Customer / Prospect Targeting

  • Territory / Resource Alignment

Performance Measurement

  • Market Share Gains; Revenue Growth

  • Customer Acquisition, Expansion, Retention

  • Return on Marketing and Sales Investment

Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Who are your customers?  Who are your competitors' customers?  What types of customers are you and your competitors successfully acquiring, growing and retaining?

We start by gathering and matching our clients' customer data to our Whitespace Market Universe, which enables our team to understand where our clients have been successful selling their products and services.  We also identify and gather our clients' competitors' customers and match those to our platform. This also allows us to segment and profile our clients' customers and their competitors' customers.  This enables us to identify higher propensity market segments where the client and their competitors are succeeding.  It also allows us to identify key market segments where the client and their competitors are relatively stronger and weaker.

Prospect Prioritization and Targeting

Have you developed a bottom-up, A to Z list of customers and prospects in your market?  Are you able to segment, score and prioritize those customers and prospects based on potential value, propensity to buy, and degree of "fit" with key customer profiles you already serve?

Once we have profiled the client's and key competitors' customers and identified the most attractive market segments, our platform enables the client to identify, score and prioritize high volumes of look-alike potential customers (or prospects) in targeted market segments.   This ensures that executives and their Marketing and Sales teams are aligned, focused on and investing time and resources on higher value, better fit, higher propensity market segments and top targets within those segments.

Market Sizing and Segmentation

How large is your available market (all potential customers who could buy your products / services)?  How large is your served market (customers who are already buying from you and your competitors)?  What is the adoption rate across your market (served market as a percent of available market)?  Which market segments are more valuable and higher propensity?

We take a unique approach by leveraging our customer segmentation and profiling analysis to develop a bottom-up view of the client's market.  This results in a clear, well-defined available market that can be sized and segmented across a number of dimensions. Our approach quantifies and prioritizes key market segments where the client's whitespace and growth potential are relatively more concentrated. This level of visibility and awareness shapes a well-defined, targeted market strategy focused on the more valuable, attractive and higher propensity segments of the client's market.


Growth and Resource Planning

How much incremental market share and revenue growth can you achieve within your existing customer base?  How many new customers do you need to win in order to hit your overall growth and topline revenue goals?  Are Marketing and Sales resources aligned with the more valuable, higher propensity market segments and top targets within those segments?  

Our platforms are leveraged extensively to facilitate growth and resource planning. Corporate Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Sales executives rely on our platforms to generate new depths of market analysis and insight related to past performance, current performance, and required future performance. Understanding market opportunity at more granular levels translates to more efficient growth and resource planning, along with higher levels of productivity and return on Marketing and Sales investment for our clients.


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